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Getting a good web designer or web developer in Kenya can be tricky, especially with so many companies promising to provide the services.

Here is a helping hand:

1.Have a look at their previous projects

They are several tips that have been offered on how to get or select a good web designer/web developer, on the internet. But the ultimate fact that that will help you select a good web designer/ web developer is simply by looking at the web designers/developers portfolio.

The portfolio will give you an idea of the capability of the designer/developer. It also gives you a faint idea of what to expect and whether the designer/developer is in a position to meet your demands.


2. Get a first hand testimonial

Having looked at the portfolio, contact three or four of the clients whose website have been showcased as a portfolio (if possible visit them at their offices) to get a first hand feedback on their experience with the particular web designer or developer.  


Having done the above, you will be in a much better position to make an informed decision if the web designer/developer will delivery or not.

You can have a look at our portfolio by clicking here

You can also have a look at what our clients are saying about us by clicking here

The above is not only for those in Kenya but can be used worldwide.